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Hi-Q Front Brake Pads SDB1170/DB1170 WRX 93 - 07

Hi-Q Front Brake Pads SDB1170/DB1170 WRX 93 - 07

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Hi-Q Brake Pads SDB1170/DB1170

These great Brake pads at an irresistible price are a perfect replacement for your Impreza WRX

Why not swap these bad boys in for your everyday driving and save your expensive Track pads.

These are not suitable for the track.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Hi-Q is produced with eco-friendly materials and does not contain heavy metal materials such as Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr that could be harmful to the human body
  • Quiet braking
  • Clean wheel
  • Hi-Q is made with ceramic materials that brakes smoothly on the rotor of your wheel which will help minimize the possibility of any rotor damages
  • Powerful yet smooth
  • Quality materials used and leading technology in manufacturing ensure Hi-Q pads sustain a solid and smooth braking experience for the driver while maintaining its strong braking power